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Xu Jinpeng practices the advanced deeds of party members' practice activities

Xu Jinpeng practices the advanced deeds of party members' practice activities

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My name is Xu Jinpeng, a member of the Chinese Communist Party and a secondary school teacher.
  My name is Xu Jinpeng, a member of the Chinese Communist Party and a secondary school teacher. I graduated from Linyi Teachers College in 2006. I am currently a chemistry teacher at Linyi Foreign Language School and a member of the school league committee. In the twinkling of an eye, I have been working on the first line of education and teaching for eight years. In the past eight years, as a young teacher, with a strong sense of responsibility for education, I have devoted my wishes and ambitions to the cause that I love; with a conviction and enthusiasm, I have opposed the party. The loyalty of the education business, the love and responsibility for my work, all silently cast into my own business. We will earnestly practice the mass line with our own practical actions, and in the education and teaching, we will continue to improve our teaching level with the scientific development concept as the guide. In the work, he has been awarded the title of “excellent teacher at district level, rookie at district level, excellent teacher at town level”. The classes I have taught have won the second prize at the district level. Many times to tutor students to participate in the experimental innovation contest and won the second prize of the provincial competition. The achievement of many honors represents my love for education. I use the action to interpret the purpose of a young party member to serve the people wholeheartedly. Everywhere, lead by example, conscientious, diligent work, leading the role of the leading role. The work stories in recent years are as follows:
  First, love and dedication, selfless dedication
  As a party member, I always firmly believe in communist convictions, actively participate in educational activities to maintain the advanced nature of party members, actively participate in party members practice practical learning activities, take notes in detail, experience and summarize, and strive to make their behavior consistent with the party's requirements. Standardize the words and deeds of individuals, closely unite around the branches of the school party branch, and keep their ideological actions and organizations consistent, and play a model role everywhere. I often hear this saying: I am a revolutionary brick, where to move. As a Communist Party member, it should reflect the spirit of "a brick." I remember that in 2012, all the teachers in the school went home on holiday. I volunteered to be on duty at school and let other teachers go home for the Spring Festival.
  Also in the lunar calendar last November, my child got a high fever of 39 degrees, but in order not to delay work, I did not ask the leader for leave. I called the old father of the family to let him come and send the child to Linyi Children's Hospital for treatment. And I insist on going to work in school. In the past work, as long as I can stick to my position, I will not take time off. Regardless of the winter and summer vacations, I have not rested and stayed on the campus forever; when I was working, I took the lead and completed the task ahead of time. For this, some people say that I am stupid. But I don’t think so. I only know the conscience of being a man and doing things right, and I have to be right from my students and my career. At the same time, I also know that the ability is limited and the effort is unlimited.
  Second, care for students, happy harvest
  It is not easy for a person to do anything. To be a teacher, especially to be a compulsory education teacher. If you want to teach every child and get approval from every parent, it will be even harder. I understand through years of work. Between teachers and students, teachers and parents must change their minds.
I remember a class teacher I taught in 2007. At that time, there was a student named Ma Libo in the class. He had a foot on the slope and walked east and west. The classmate always took him to joke. I often teach students in class classes. Caring for him, loving him, respecting him, I often help him upstairs during class time, giving him comfort in his heart. In order to appease her, when I teach students the stairs above, I meet Ma Libo, and every student must show love. The hand went to help him. After the time passed, the whole class was put into the help work. No matter which classmate encountered Ma Libo when he went upstairs, he took the initiative to help him upstairs. The classmates did not make him joke. Now that he is in high school, he often comes back to me, writes to me, and reports to me about the situation. This is the continuation of love, let me experience the joy of harvest, I watered them with my love, and they also rewarded me with action.
  Third, the political belief is firm, and the law has educated people.
  Love one line to drill a line, the love of education and the occasional love let me not lose up in my work, and make unremitting efforts. I have always believed that a solid business foundation is the necessary guarantee to better accomplish my job. In addition to attending business studies organized by the school, use self-study expertise in your spare time. In order to catch up with the pace of the times, the latest education and teaching methods are adopted. In June 2013, he took the computer test and achieved satisfactory results. I know this time, and I can't achieve the goal if I study hard.
  As a party member teacher, I pay attention to the teacher's morality, the style of study is rigorous, meticulous; the teaching and education of people throughout the teaching work. Taking the scientific development concept as a guide to action, transforming one's own thoughts in learning, improving political consciousness, establishing a correct outlook on life, world outlook, doing a good job in life, teaching and educating people. Actively study the theoretical knowledge of education and teaching and put it into practice, always influence the actual action and drive other teachers and students who demand progress. 5, 12 The magnitude 8 earthquake that occurred in Sichuan affected the hearts of China's 1.3 billion children. It also touched the hearts of every child in our class. The children asked for donations to their peers in the disaster area. Instead of asking for a penny from their parents, they donated their pocket money to the people in the disaster area. At work and in teaching, I used my love to infect the children around me; I passed the love to the children around me.
  Fourth, strive to be a city volunteer
  Together with other volunteers, I spontaneously cleaned the corridors for residents, cleaned up the weeds in the area, volunteered to help the sick old people who were not around, and took them to the hospital to see a doctor. They enthusiastically pointed out the way for the people who don’t know the way. . During the “Creation of a National Civilized City” in Linyi City, I was obliged to participate in this activity, actively participate in the creation of activities and social welfare activities, and distributed door-to-face information to help organize various publicity activities. I also often organize the launch of the building. Residents wash the stairs and see that some people leave their garbage and go to remind people to talk about civilization, and to create a civilized city. It is found that there are garbage and sanitation corners in the community to take the initiative to clean up, and it is difficult to clean up and report it to the community neighborhood committee.
  5. Teachers who are satisfied with the people
  Responding to the development zone closely related to the relationship between the cadres and the masses, and actively contracting 15 villagers in the Maoji Community of Sesame Dun Street, and in-depth exchanges with them, to understand the opinions of the teachers on the education of the school, and to the intersections they proposed, there is no traffic light, the children cross the road. The issue of safety immediately responded to the relevant departments and was implemented in a short period of time. I was praised by the people.
  6. In the work of the party branch, he earnestly fulfilled the duties of the party branch secretary.
  I actively and conscientiously implemented all the work arrangements and requirements of the Party Committee of the Sesame Pier in the Development Zone, and all party members earnestly implemented the Party's principles and policies, and played a leading role in party members in practical work, so that party members played a better role in the work of the department. I have earnestly studied the advanced deeds of the Communist Party members, combined with their own circumstances, advocating the study of advanced deeds, the work of the party members to make dedication, and the establishment of a long-term educational mechanism for party members to play avant-garde role in combination with the situation of this branch.
  This is how I continue to dedicate my youth to the cause of education. I have devoted all the warmth in my heart to countless loves to the education that I love; I have devoted all my efforts to the fertile soil of education. I know that I am an ordinary party member teacher, but I am willing to dedicate my sincerity and my love to the education I love.